My Tortoise Passed Away

Since I was a little girl, i used to have pets. More than 1 pet literraly, but the actual was always more than two. Tortoise was one of my first pets. Dad bought me one when I was in the kindergarten if i'm not wrong. He bought me 2, but little kid is sometimes perfunctory, you know. So one of them died when it has not even reached a month. 1 was left, mistakes made me learn, if i'm careless, i would lost something. So then I took care of Kitty (my tortoise's name, yeah i know that's the name of a cat, but i was a little little girl at that time, remember!). She was my pet until I was on the second grade of junior high school. Finally came the day when i did not have enough space and fish pool for the grown up Kitty. Finally we selected a hobiis that was looking for a female brazillian tortoise for his male one. Yeah, and i had to say goodbye anyway.

Last year mom bought 2 brazillian tortoise, and sadly one of them died. Worried to have a lonely tortoise, mom bought 2 more, but one of them died also. What made me touched was one of them seems like giving a goodbye hug.

Touching Goodbye Hug :'(

What made me even more sad was the other tortoise was sick after its friend passed away. I isolated it in a warmer bowl, got better after 2 days, but died about 1 week after that. So now we have only 1 tortoise left. :'(

I'm sorry that we can't take care of you how it is supposed to be.