November 30 2009

Today is the last day on November 2009. A day that's never come back again in the future. And today, as I knew from the news, 2 people never get their life back. Yeah, shocked by the news that said there were two people in Jakarta fell themselves from a high to suicide. Hmm... tragic!!!

I just wonder how can people end their life in such a very tragic way. Bible said, our life is precious and worthy to be appreciated. So how can people throw gold? Even if, the life is (I'm very sure) more precious than gold.

Well, today I had a Physical Chemistry mid semester.

Just thank God, for all things. And although I didn't saw him in campus, but I saw him in my dream last night. Hha...

The last, life is so precious. No replay. So, just take care of your life by take care of your heart.

Bible said, guard your heart with all diligence because out of it spring the issue of life.

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He Died!!! ='(

November 29 2009

Today is Sunday. As its name "sun" day, today supposed to be a sunny day. Sunny=joyful. But not for me, especially one of my friend. She had just lost her father. Her father was died this early day, at 3.00 a.m.

Please accept my condolence my friend.

Me too was very sad. Why? becoz, he (i mean her father) has known yet about Jesus and His kindness. I regretted not telling him.

Believe it or not, every one is gonna die. We live each day while walking nearer to our death. But for us, who believe in Jesus, there is another life after this earthly life. So, I always feel sad when one of my relatives die without know and believe to Jesus.

Me, got up lately at 9.00 a.m. Where as the Church was began at 9.30. So I left my breakfast, went to Church. And great!!! It's a great day!!! People sang, jumped, and shouted for GOD with all they are. GREAT!!!

The preacher told us about being the children of GOD was a great treasure and of course was a heavy identity. In 1 John 2-3 written that the children of GOD must have the freedom of sin. But how come? Try as best as we can!!!

On the way back home, it was a very heavy rain. My mom called me on the phone. Hehe... she was anxious about my breakfast. Arriving at home at 3 pm. Then tried to make a connection to my laptop from my mobile phone, but it was failed. Huhu... T_T

But then I asked God to give me a wisdom. And finally, Whoala!!! it can be connected, thank you Jesus. I need it for my college, knowledge, and blog post. 

A mid test is going to be held tomorrow. So, i have to off. Preparing all the things for tomorrow need much energy. So God, give me your power and strength to be able! Amen, thanks LORD!!!

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