From Hacker to Cracker

Modern technology has grown so fast, that living in this world be very easy, simple, an automatic. Refrigerator, television, hand phone, PDA, and computer are ones of the stuffs those make our world runs on clicking. Talking about computer means talking about a new large illusion world on it called internet.
Since it was found in 1990s, internet has grown so fast. Based on US Department of Commerce report, in 1998 there were 50 million users in the world. Based on NUA surveys, there were 153,5 users in February 1999 but in 2000 the account increased to 248.6 million, or increased 27 million users every month. Wow! This one has been a reason to the born of the criminal in the internet. Cracker and carder are the casts. Hey, what are them???

Cracker is someone who has an excellent ability about programming, and computer operation. Badly, they use their ability to break the internet systems or computer network by making crack and get into the system to break the sites. Moreover, they do this just for fun. Their motto is, ‘crack it and leave it”. The system that has been broken can be very complex to be recovered. They can change the main page of a site as they want or called defacing. The greatest loss is, when they crack banking or government sites.

First, they search the directory administrator, and then they get the password by password guessing technique. In this situation, they can deface the site because almost 75% of the sites have weak security program.

But don’t worry; you can protect your site program by using some of security program and anticracker.

This is one of the economy criminals. These persons cracking the banking sites and manipulate them, so they can use the money for themselves without leaving their ‘fingerprints’.

You should be thankful to them. Fortunately, the hacker is the person who has an excellent ability about programming and computer operation, but they get into the others’ system without damaging. They just look for the weakness of a program of computer network and tell it to the owner, or even repair it by themselves. What a good man…

Anyway, until this day, there is no law that can catch these criminals (cracker and carder), because this kind of criminals can hide behind their computer and leave no evidence to open their criminal cases.

So, what’s your choice? Cracker, carder, or hacker? Hacker??? Oh you are a hero for network world.