Cigarette’s Influence to People’s Health

Cigarette’s Influence to People’s Health

Long, bad smell, smoky, I let you to guess it! Yuph, right guys!!! That’s the stuff called cigarette. Do you smoke? If you do, this article may be suitable for you to read. No mean to bring you a negative issue, but I deliver a real fact. So, here we are.

What does a cigarette contain?

Mmh… why does a cigarette bring danger to human health? Does a cigarette has a magic power? Hahaha… of course no, not at all. Surely it causes by the stuffs that contained by a cigarettes itself bring bad effect to our health. Let see what they are.

Smoke that’s being inhaled contains 2 kinds of component, gas and particle (particle is a tiny compact substance). Gas component consists of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, etc.

While, particle component consists of tar, nicotine, benzopiren, phenol, cadmium, etc.

Let’s talk about carbon monoxide! This gas is very dangerous to human body. In blood, there is a substance named hemoglobin. Hemoglobin functioned as something that chases and carries oxygen from the lung (alveolus) to every cell of human body. But, finally it’s known that hemoglobin is more attracted to carbon monoxide than oxygen.

That’s why the smokers’ bodies lack of oxygen while contain high amount of carbon monoxide.

From 4000, 40 kinds of chemical substance contained by a cigarette are carcinogenic (cancer trigger). For example carbon monoxide, benzopiren, ammonia, etc. moreover, these substances are still effect a room for hours even after the cigarette out. WoW!!!

For decades, the experts have been observing the connection between cigarette and lung cancer. Some of them boldly say that cigarette is the most powerful trigger for lung cancer problem.

Comparing with the people who are not smokers, the risk of suffering from lung cancer increase until 10-30 times to the smokers.

Particle component in a cigarette also can be a problem, especially to our blood vessels. It can clog the blood vessels in the heart then cause coronary attack. It also can clog the blood vessels in the brain and cause stroke.

AIDS!!! Wait, this is not narcotic, isn’t it? Yeah, but the fact is, a cigarette effects our immune system. Don’t know how it can be, but some experts in America proved this.

Based on their observation, AIDS occurs in 8 months after HIV to the people who smoke, while 14.5 months to the people who don’t smoke.

So please care to your body. Think 1000 times before consuming your cigarette.

Keeping our body to stay health is a way of thanking GOD.



Lupus is an immune disease which named Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) by the health experts. The health experts describe lupus as an “one thousand faces” disease because this kind of disease is very difficult to be detected and has many kinds of unpredictable symptom. Sometimes it attacks kidney first, so the doctor usually diagnoses that it is about kidney problem. But sometimes it attacks heart, and the doctor diagnoses it as heart problem. That is why the people who suffer from lupus lately be healed.

Lupus happens when our immune system has a trouble with its system. Our antibody system cannot differ the strange cell and good cell anyway. The result is, our antibody will attack both strange and good cell. That’s why lupus can damage many kinds of body system.

Sometimes lupus also caused by the over amount of our antibody. This condition tells us that the condition of someone suffers from lupus is the opposite of the condition of someone suffers from AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Woman has more chance of suffering from lupus than man (5:1). Lupus usually appears its symptom in the interval age between 15-40 years old. The causal factor of lupus can come from the abnormal genetic, sun radiation, virus/bacteria, infection, and psychological stress, often attack person whose Chinese/Asian skin.

Generally the symptoms of suffering from lupus which often appear such as, fever, lost weight, body weaken, hinge bone trouble and red spots on the cheek and nose form like a butterfly.

Corticosteroid is very helpful to attack lupus.

Although lupus cannot spread, but we should be careful because the opportunity to be recovered from lupus is very short.



Recently because of much working, I often feel stiff on my muscle and body and bone. Am I older?? Nonono, I am not wrinkle yet. Haha… :D Yeah but it feels uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. That’s why when I was on a bookstore some days ago; I was interested to buy a book about healthiness. After reading about a quarter of the whole book, I understood what an important habit the exercise is.

When we do our exercise, jogging, or walk, our pituitary gland produces a chemical substance, called endorphin. The amazing thing is, endorphin has a resemble character with morphine. Wow… great is our GOD.

As we know, morphine creates a happy feeling when it consumed. Our blood vessels carry out endorphin to our brain. In brain, endorphin reacts with our neuron system and creates relax, happy, and enjoy feeling to our body. Hmmm… G-R-E-A-T!!!

For you girls, do you always suffer from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)?? Yeah, don’t worry, exercise regularly would avoid it. The exercise is not always have to be a heavy activities. Jogging, walking to school, or cycling can be a choice.

By exercising three times a week, you can feel healthier, happy, and relax. Heart attack?? No way!!

From Hacker to Cracker

Modern technology has grown so fast, that living in this world be very easy, simple, an automatic. Refrigerator, television, hand phone, PDA, and computer are ones of the stuffs those make our world runs on clicking. Talking about computer means talking about a new large illusion world on it called internet.
Since it was found in 1990s, internet has grown so fast. Based on US Department of Commerce report, in 1998 there were 50 million users in the world. Based on NUA surveys, there were 153,5 users in February 1999 but in 2000 the account increased to 248.6 million, or increased 27 million users every month. Wow! This one has been a reason to the born of the criminal in the internet. Cracker and carder are the casts. Hey, what are them???

Cracker is someone who has an excellent ability about programming, and computer operation. Badly, they use their ability to break the internet systems or computer network by making crack and get into the system to break the sites. Moreover, they do this just for fun. Their motto is, ‘crack it and leave it”. The system that has been broken can be very complex to be recovered. They can change the main page of a site as they want or called defacing. The greatest loss is, when they crack banking or government sites.

First, they search the directory administrator, and then they get the password by password guessing technique. In this situation, they can deface the site because almost 75% of the sites have weak security program.

But don’t worry; you can protect your site program by using some of security program and anticracker.

This is one of the economy criminals. These persons cracking the banking sites and manipulate them, so they can use the money for themselves without leaving their ‘fingerprints’.

You should be thankful to them. Fortunately, the hacker is the person who has an excellent ability about programming and computer operation, but they get into the others’ system without damaging. They just look for the weakness of a program of computer network and tell it to the owner, or even repair it by themselves. What a good man…

Anyway, until this day, there is no law that can catch these criminals (cracker and carder), because this kind of criminals can hide behind their computer and leave no evidence to open their criminal cases.

So, what’s your choice? Cracker, carder, or hacker? Hacker??? Oh you are a hero for network world.

Happy Valentine’s Day ^_^


What the truly love is?
I don’t know where it comes from
Even, I don’t know what it made from

Love comes
It wants to

When love comes
Only they who are strong
Who can escape from it
But for them who are weak
Love would bring them
To the atmosphere
That can bring you
And sunk
On it

But I know
God creates love for a good purpose
Sadly, many of us
Do not understand what love is
And how to treat it

In think
Love is
A feeling that support us
To understand
To listen
To help
To consider
As a sign that they are so

-WeLl HAppY VAleNTinE!-

How Can Plastic Be A Menace?

Plastic has been a pal for people since it was found by Alexander Parkes in 1862. After the great invention, the use of plastic was raised rapidly, especially for human life and some industries. People use plastic because of its special character, such as light, cheap, simple, easy to be shaped, and can be used repeatedly. In 1996 the world used plastic up to 150 million tons. While Indonesia used 1.5 million tons per day in 2000. Instead of its helpful function, plastic also can be very harmful to our environment when it is used and thrown carelessly. It can be a big problem, for it pollutes the soil, water, and air.

Plastic consists of thousands small molecules called monomer. These monomers are combined into the bigger molecule called polymer by chemical connection. When people dump used plastic to the soil, it needs hundreds years to get it sundered and decomposed by the microorganism, because of the tight chemical connection and non bio-degradable character of plastic. For instance, poly amide, a kind of synthetic plastic can be sundered up to 83 thousand years. This complex process causes the decadence of soil fertility, and disturbs the balance of the soil.

Some used plastic which is thrown to the sea, can also be a problem for fish and the other sea organisms. The fishermen dump their plastic net rubbish to the sea carelessly without knowing and without awareness of its effect. The net and the other plastic rubbish can endanger the sea organisms. First, the animal trapped by the tangled net, then wrapped, tied, and day after day the tie will be tighter because the animal grows and get bigger. This trap hinders its respiratory system and it gets difficulty in swimming even breathing. In 1992, 99 seabirds, a lot of sharks, and 75 salmons were killed in the Pacific Ocean by 1500 meters tousled plastic net. Beside that, styrene in plastic can contaminate subsoil water and cause cancer to the people who drink it.

When we have some plastic in our trash bin, in our mind there is no better choice than burning it. But do you know? When we burn plastic and let the smoke flies in the air, at the same time we unintentionally let the poison consisted in the smoke flies too. Burning plastic, causes the chlorine (Cl) and carbon monoxide (CO) from plastic flies to the atmosphere and join the air. Inhaling this poisonous gas triggers lung cancer and deficiency immune system.

Recently, plastic has been a menace for the beauty of our environment too beside humans’ health. A gorgeous garden will lost its beauty when it is decorated by plastic rubbish. Also a beautiful city will looks so chaotic when plastic rubbish is everywhere.

Considering plastic can be a menace for our environment when it is dumped carelessly or burnt, so, recycling plastic rubbish is the best choice for our body and our environment. Because by recycling plastic rubbish, we can produce useful household utensils, such as bucket and pot, beside decreasing the amount of plastic rubbish, and keeping our environment clean, fresh, comfortable, and of course nice.


Valentine’s Day History

Valentine’s Day History

Valentine’s day, first made by Pope Gelasius I in about 496 to respect Saint Valentine who was died on February 14 269. He was died because of his effort for the thing called ‘love’.

In the third century, Rome was led by Caesar Claudius II. The unstable condition in Rome, made it often in war. The Caesar absolutely had to have many good and powerful men to defeat his enemy. At that time, the Caesar considered that the men who had not married were stronger and better than them, who had married. So, he made a rule that forbidden his people to get married. Valentine was the one who refused to agree with the rule. The amazing thing was, he took action by marrying the people secretly. What an extreme action he had done?

Unfortunately, one day the Caesar knew about it, then he sent Valentine to the jail. Being in the jail, didn’t make him stop struggling for the ‘love’. He sent many cards to the people he loved, with pictures of a heart, and wrote “I love you-From your Valentine”.

Sadly, he was died in the death punishment in February 14 269. Now the day of his death, known as ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Knowing the great effort that Valentine was taken, I hope you will be motivated to struggle for your true love. (from various sources)

The Presidents of America

The Presidents Of America

  1. George Washington
    1. Period : 1789-1797
    2. Born : Westmoreland County, Virginia, February 22 1732
    3. Died : Mountvermount, Virginia, December 1799
    4. Wife : Martha Dondridge Custis
  2. John Adams
    1. Period : 1797-1801
    2. Born : Quincy, Massachusetts, October 30 1735
    3. Died : Quincy, Massachusetts, July 4
    4. Wife : Abigail Smith
    5. Profession : Lawyer
  3. Thomas Jefferson
    1. Period : 1801-1809
    2. Born : Shadwell Plantation, Virginia, April 13 1743
    3. Died : Monticello, Virginia, July 4 1826
    4. Wife : Martha Wayles Shelton
    5. Profession : Lawyer
  4. James Madison
    1. Period : 1809-1817
    2. Born : Port Conway, Virginia, March 16 1751
    3. Died : Montpellier, Virginia, June 28 1839
    4. Wife : Dolley D. Payne Todd
    5. Profession : Lawyer
  5. James Monroe
    1. Period : 1817-1825
    2. Born : West Moreland County, Virginia, April 28 1758
    3. Died : New York, July 4 1831
    4. Wife : Elizabeth Kortright
  6. John Quincy Adams
    1. Period : 1825-1829
    2. Born : Quincy, Massachusetts, July 11 1767
    3. Died : Washington, D.C, February 23 1848
    4. Wife : Lousia Catherine Johnson
  7. Andrew Jackson
    1. Period : 1829-1837
    2. Born : Waxhaw Settlement, Carolina, March 15 1767
    3. Died : Nashville, Tennessee, June 8 1845
    4. Wife : Rachel D. Robards
    5. Profession : Lawyer (ex. Sailor)
  8. Martin Van Buren
    1. Period : 1837-1841
    2. Born : Kinderhook, New York, December 5 1782
    3. Died : Kinderhook, New York, June 24 1862
    4. Wife : Hannah Hoes
  9. William Henry Horrison
    1. Period : 1841
    2. Born : Charles City County, Virginia, February 9 1773
    3. Died : Washington, D.C, April 14 1841
    4. Wife : Anna Tuthil Symmes
  10. John Tayler
    1. Period : 1841-1845
    2. Born : Charles City County, Virginia, March 29 1770
    3. Died : Richmond, Virginia, January 18 1862
    4. Wife : Letilia Christian, Julia Gardiner
  11. James K. Polk
    1. Period : 1845-1849
    2. Born : Mecklenburg County, November
    3. Died : Nashville, Tennessee, June 15 1849
    4. Wife : Sarah Childress
    5. Profession : Lawyer
  12. Zachary Taylor
    1. Period : 1849-1850
    2. Born : Barboursville, Virginia, November 24 1784
    3. Died : Washington, D.C, July 9 1850
    4. Wife : Margaret Mackall Smith
    5. Profession : Soldier
  13. Millard Fillmore
    1. Period :1850-1853
    2. Born : Summer Hill, New York
    3. Died : Buffalo, New York, March 8 1874
    4. Wife : Abigail Powers, Caroline C. McIntosh
  14. Franklin Pierce
    1. Period : 1853-1857
    2. Born : Hillsboro, New Hampshire, November 23 1804
    3. Died : Concord, New H
    4. Wife :
  15. James Buchanan
    1. Period : 1857-1861
    2. Born : Cove Gap, Pennsylvania, April 23 1771
    3. Died : LAN Chester, Pennsylvania, June 1 1868
    4. Wife : -
  16. Abraham Lincoln
    1. Period : 1861-1865
    2. Born : Hodgenville, Kentucky, February 12 1809
    3. Died : Washington, D.C, April 15 1865
    4. Wife : Mary Todd
  17. Andrew Johnson
    1. Period : 1865-1869
    2. Born : Raleigh, North Carolina, December 29 1808
    3. Died : Carteres Station, Tennessee, July 31 1875
    4. Wife : Eliza McCardle
  18. Ulysses S. Grant
    1. Period : 1869-1877
    2. Born : Point Pleasant, Ohio, April 27 1822
    3. Died : Mount McGregor, New York
    4. Wife : Julia Boggs Dent
    5. Profession : Soldier
  19. Rutherford B. Hayes
    1. Period : 1877-1881
    2. Born : Delaware, Ohio, October 4 1822
    3. Died : Fremont, Ohio, January 17 1893
    4. Wife : Lucy Ware Webb
  20. James A. Garfield
    1. Period : 1881
    2. Born : Cuya Hoga County, Ohio, November 1831
    3. Died : Elberon, New Jersey, September 19 1881
    4. Wife : Lucretia Rudolph
    5. Profession : Lecturer and teacher
  21. Chester Alan Arthur
    1. Period : 1881-1885
    2. Born : North Fairfield, Vermont, October 1829
    3. Died : New York, November 1886
    4. Wife : Ellen Lewis Herndon
  22. Grover Cleveland
    1. Period : 1885-1889
    2. Born : Caldwell, New Jersey, March 18 1839
    3. Died : Princeton, New Jersey, June 1908
    4. Wife : Francy Folsom
  23. Benjamin Harrison
    1. Period : 1889-1893
    2. Born : Nort Bend, Ohio, August 20 1833
    3. Died : Indianapolis, Indiana, March 13 1901
    4. Wife : Caroline Lavinia Scott, Mary Scott Lord Dimmick
  24. Grover Cleveland (The second period)
    1. Period : 1893-1897
  25. William Mc Kinley
    1. Period : 1897-1901
    2. Born : Niles, Ohio, January 29 1843
    3. Died : Buffalo, New York, September 14 1901
    4. Wife : Ida Saxton
  26. Theodore Roosevelt
    1. Period : 1901-1909
    2. Born : New York, October 27 1858
    3. Died : Oyster Bay, New York, January 6 1919
    4. Wife : Alice Hathaway, Edith Kermit Carow
  27. William Howard Taft
    1. Period : 1909-1913
    2. Born : Cincinnati, Ohio, September15 1857
    3. Died : Washington, D.C, March 8 1930
    4. Wife : Helen W. Herron
  28. Woodrow Wilson
    1. Period : 1913-1921
    2. Born : Staunton, Virginia, December 28 1856
    3. Died : Washington, D.C, February 3 1924
    4. Wife : Elle Louis Axson, Edith Bolling Galt
  29. Warren G. Harding
    1. Period : 1921-1923
    2. Born : Corsica, Ohio, November 2 1865
    3. Died : San Francisco, California, August 2 1923
    4. Wife : Florence Kling De Wolfe
  30. Calvin Coolidge
    1. Period : 1923-1929
    2. Born : Plymouth Notch, Vermont, July 4 1873
    3. Died : Northampton, Massachusetts, January 5 1933
    4. Wife : Grace Anna Goodhue
  31. Herbert Hoover
    1. Period : 1929-1933
    2. Born : West Brach, Iowa, August 10 1874
    3. Died : New York, October 20 1964
    4. Wife : Lou Henry
  32. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    1. Period : 1933-1945
    2. Born : Hyde Park, New York, January 30 1882
    3. Died : Warm Spring, Georgia, april 12 1945
    4. Wife : Anna Elleanor Roosevelt
  33. Harry S. Truman
    1. Period : 1945-1953
    2. Born : Lamar, Missouri, May 8 1884
    3. Died : Kansan City, Missouri, December 26 1972
    4. Wife : Elizabeth Virginia Wallace
  34. Dwight D. Eisenhower
    1. Period : 1953-1961
    2. Born : Dennison, Texas, October 14 1890
    3. Died : Washington, D.C, March 28 1969
    4. Wife : Mary Geneva Doud
    5. Profession : Soldier
  35. John F. Kennedy
    1. Period : 1961-1963
    2. Born : Brooklin, Massachusetts, May 29 1917
    3. Died : Dallas, Texas, November 22 1963
    4. Wife : Jacqueline Bouvier
    5. Profession : Author
  36. Lyndon Baines Johnson
    1. Period : 1963-1969
    2. Born : Johnson City, Texas, August 27 1908
    3. Died : Johnson City, Texas, January 22 1973
    4. Wife : Claudia Alta Taylor
    5. Profession : Lecturer and teacher
  37. Richard M. Nixon
    1. Period : 1969-1974
    2. Born : Yorbalinda, California, January 9 1913
    3. Died : New York, April 22 1994
    4. Wife : Thelma Catherine Ryan
    5. Profession : Lawyer
  38. Gerald R. Ford
    1. Period : 1974-1977
    2. Born : Omaha, Nebraska, July 14 1913
    3. Wife : Elizabeth Bloomer Warren
  39. Jimmy Carter
    1. Period : 1977-1981
    2. Born : Plains, Georgia, October 1 1924
    3. Wife : Rosalynn Smith
    4. Profession : Farmer
  40. Ronald Wilson Reagen
    1. Period : 1981-
    2. Born : Tampico, Illinois, February 6 1911
    3. Wife : Jane Wayman, Nancy Davis
    4. Profession : Actor
  41. George Bush
    1. Period : 1989-1993
    2. Born : Milton, Massachusetts, June 12 1924
    3. Wife : Barbara Pierce
    4. Profession : Businessman
  42. William Bill Clinton
    1. Period :1993-2001
    2. Born : Hope, Arkansas, August 19 1946
    3. Wife : Hillary Rodham
    4. Profession : Lawyer
  43. George Walker Bush
    1. Period : 2001-Now
    2. Born : New Haven, Connecticut, July 6 1946
    3. Wife : Laura Welch