Lupus is an immune disease which named Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) by the health experts. The health experts describe lupus as an “one thousand faces” disease because this kind of disease is very difficult to be detected and has many kinds of unpredictable symptom. Sometimes it attacks kidney first, so the doctor usually diagnoses that it is about kidney problem. But sometimes it attacks heart, and the doctor diagnoses it as heart problem. That is why the people who suffer from lupus lately be healed.

Lupus happens when our immune system has a trouble with its system. Our antibody system cannot differ the strange cell and good cell anyway. The result is, our antibody will attack both strange and good cell. That’s why lupus can damage many kinds of body system.

Sometimes lupus also caused by the over amount of our antibody. This condition tells us that the condition of someone suffers from lupus is the opposite of the condition of someone suffers from AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Woman has more chance of suffering from lupus than man (5:1). Lupus usually appears its symptom in the interval age between 15-40 years old. The causal factor of lupus can come from the abnormal genetic, sun radiation, virus/bacteria, infection, and psychological stress, often attack person whose Chinese/Asian skin.

Generally the symptoms of suffering from lupus which often appear such as, fever, lost weight, body weaken, hinge bone trouble and red spots on the cheek and nose form like a butterfly.

Corticosteroid is very helpful to attack lupus.

Although lupus cannot spread, but we should be careful because the opportunity to be recovered from lupus is very short.