Recently because of much working, I often feel stiff on my muscle and body and bone. Am I older?? Nonono, I am not wrinkle yet. Haha… :D Yeah but it feels uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. That’s why when I was on a bookstore some days ago; I was interested to buy a book about healthiness. After reading about a quarter of the whole book, I understood what an important habit the exercise is.

When we do our exercise, jogging, or walk, our pituitary gland produces a chemical substance, called endorphin. The amazing thing is, endorphin has a resemble character with morphine. Wow… great is our GOD.

As we know, morphine creates a happy feeling when it consumed. Our blood vessels carry out endorphin to our brain. In brain, endorphin reacts with our neuron system and creates relax, happy, and enjoy feeling to our body. Hmmm… G-R-E-A-T!!!

For you girls, do you always suffer from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)?? Yeah, don’t worry, exercise regularly would avoid it. The exercise is not always have to be a heavy activities. Jogging, walking to school, or cycling can be a choice.

By exercising three times a week, you can feel healthier, happy, and relax. Heart attack?? No way!!