Cigarette’s Influence to People’s Health

Cigarette’s Influence to People’s Health

Long, bad smell, smoky, I let you to guess it! Yuph, right guys!!! That’s the stuff called cigarette. Do you smoke? If you do, this article may be suitable for you to read. No mean to bring you a negative issue, but I deliver a real fact. So, here we are.

What does a cigarette contain?

Mmh… why does a cigarette bring danger to human health? Does a cigarette has a magic power? Hahaha… of course no, not at all. Surely it causes by the stuffs that contained by a cigarettes itself bring bad effect to our health. Let see what they are.

Smoke that’s being inhaled contains 2 kinds of component, gas and particle (particle is a tiny compact substance). Gas component consists of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, etc.

While, particle component consists of tar, nicotine, benzopiren, phenol, cadmium, etc.

Let’s talk about carbon monoxide! This gas is very dangerous to human body. In blood, there is a substance named hemoglobin. Hemoglobin functioned as something that chases and carries oxygen from the lung (alveolus) to every cell of human body. But, finally it’s known that hemoglobin is more attracted to carbon monoxide than oxygen.

That’s why the smokers’ bodies lack of oxygen while contain high amount of carbon monoxide.

From 4000, 40 kinds of chemical substance contained by a cigarette are carcinogenic (cancer trigger). For example carbon monoxide, benzopiren, ammonia, etc. moreover, these substances are still effect a room for hours even after the cigarette out. WoW!!!

For decades, the experts have been observing the connection between cigarette and lung cancer. Some of them boldly say that cigarette is the most powerful trigger for lung cancer problem.

Comparing with the people who are not smokers, the risk of suffering from lung cancer increase until 10-30 times to the smokers.

Particle component in a cigarette also can be a problem, especially to our blood vessels. It can clog the blood vessels in the heart then cause coronary attack. It also can clog the blood vessels in the brain and cause stroke.

AIDS!!! Wait, this is not narcotic, isn’t it? Yeah, but the fact is, a cigarette effects our immune system. Don’t know how it can be, but some experts in America proved this.

Based on their observation, AIDS occurs in 8 months after HIV to the people who smoke, while 14.5 months to the people who don’t smoke.

So please care to your body. Think 1000 times before consuming your cigarette.

Keeping our body to stay health is a way of thanking GOD.