Fake Friends or What?

I couldn't believe this :'(

If you have never lost your close friends, and you don't know how it feels like, let me tell you then...

It was unbelieveable, it was felt like hearing a tremendous thunderbolt in the middle of hot summer.

The days after that day,  was dark and cloudy. Though I love cloudy day, but I hate cloudy heart. Although there's no rain, you'll feel wet.

There is no savory food at all. Even, when you feel hungry, you will hardly found things you wanna eat.

At school, even your friends tell you high quality jokes, your laugh won't last more than a quarter minute.

At home, even you parents buy something you've wanted for a long time, it makes no sense.

And if you laugh or smile for someone, all of those sometimes are fake smile and laugh.

You try to forget, but it pass your mind oftenly and umm... slowly. As slow as an old man jog in the morning.

If you wrap your body with your thick large blanket, the cold still crush your bone.

If you meet your old friend to relieve all the pain, it feels like meeting an unknown person and your effort doesn't make you feel better.

If you choose to sleep, to forget, then the pain will still occurs in your dream.

If you tell this to somenone, every words of it bites you...

Umm... I have never been broken hearted. But maybe it can compares, even more.

But I believe. As the philosopher says, "Time will heal." Slow, but sure. Forget the people who maybe has forgotten me first. Leave all the pain behind me. Look forward to the future. Until I can see myself better than who I am today.

I don't want to hate anyone. Just want to forget. Because, you, guys, last in my mind together with this pain.

I hope, someday, when I have relieved all. I can remember you again without the pain. Now, let our memories -our laughes, our songs, our jokes, our photos, our pathway, our place, and all about us- graved like a seed. And someday, when I have relieved this pain, I don't mind if our memories grow like a tree. No more seed under the ground.

Forgive me. All I've made...
Hope see you again in the next part of my memory...